Friday, August 7, 2009

Muscial Performance

I was invited to be the official photographer covering the performance of a childrens musical. Over 130 kids performed on stage - everything else was a huge volunteer effort by the parents. It was great fun to see how enthusiastic the kids (aged 6 to about 19) were and how much fun they were having on stage!

It was also a great learning experience, since this was the first time I have done any stage photography. Out of over 1000 exposures I got about 500 that are decent and 150 that I consider good. The main lesson here: consider depth of field. It will not do to shoot several people with an aperture of f2.8 if they are not exactly the same distance from the camera.

The second lesson is that I need to sort out the model releases before, not after, the event. Now I am identifying the performers and contacting them or their parents directly for permission to publish - it would have been much easier if we had sorted this out when the kids signed up to participate.

Here are "Wolfgang 4" (Mozart as a man) with his mother:

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="Performers 'Wolfgang 4' and 'Mozarts Mother'."]Performers 'Wolfgang 4' and 'Mozarts Mother' in the musical. [/caption]

As I get the releases straightened out, I will post more images of the event. Subscribe the RSS feed to be notified of updates.

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