Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bee on a Tattered Heliopsis Flower

I have been doing a lot of macro work lately, mostly studying my favorite summer garden flowers: oxeye (aka heliopsis).

The oxeye blossom has an interesting life-cycle, that may be the subject of a future post. In the following image, I found a blossom near the end of its lifespan: the petals are coming apart and the whole appearance of the flower is ... tattered.

Still, there was apparently enough pollen and nectar left in the center to make it interesting enough for bees to come visiting.

Bee on a Tattered Heliopsis Flower

Because there was a slight wind causing the blossom to sway on its long stalk and because the bees where buzzing about, I decided to shoot hand-held, not from a tripod. Despite the bright afternoon sun, I needed some additional flash in order to get the short exposure time required to eliminate motion blur.

So there I was holding the camera in my left hand and a speedlite attached via a short cord in the other hand ... No idea what the neighbors where thinking, but then, they should be used to me by now. :-)

I think I will get a flash bracket real soon now.

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